Snam, one of the world’s largest gas networks, has used Red Hat OpenShift and other cloud-native technologies to drive the company’s digital transformation, Red Hat recently announced.

With a wide range of Red Hat’s powerful open hybrid cloud solutions, Snam can better manage and scale applications across distributed infrastructures, including on the edge, to prepare for a hybrid cloud and multicloud future.

Snam is headquartered in San Donato, Milan, Italy and oversees one of the world’s largest natural gas transport networks, 2 LNG terminals and the largest European natural gas storage capacity.

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Backed by Red Hat’s open hybrid cloud expertise and technologies, Snam has begun to refresh its existing application map and make the interactions between its business services leaner and more effective. At the same time, a completely new technology stack has been developed for its IoT and data needs, designed to be ready to connect up to 30,000 devices and process 100x more data to enable the intelligent network.

Red Hat OpenShift was deployed locally and on the edge of the network, with Snam also leveraging the public cloud with Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift, a jointly developed managed Red Hat OpenShift service supported by Microsoft and Red Hat.

Stefanie Chiras, SVP and GM, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Business Unit, Red Hat organizations like Snam, which deal with a dynamic landscape of regulations and market requirements, must be able to rely on a flexible infrastructure that is scalable to the changing requirements of today and tomorrow, also as a natural extension of the open hybrid cloud.

Roberto Calandrini, Head of Architecture, Digital and AI Services, Snam
Red Hat OpenShift is a cornerstone of our transformation project. It has enabled us to create an efficient, powerful and reliable IT platform that simplifies the management of complex systems and applications to better support our existing business needs, while giving us the flexibility and flexibility to adequately accommodate our future development support.

Ray is the news editor at The Fast Mode and brings over 10 years of experience in the wireless industry.