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On this Saturday, November 27, viewers will discover the very last episode of the Mongeville series on France 3. On this occasion, actor Francis Perrin spoke in the columns of Télé-Loisirs.

The day so dreaded by Mongeville fans has arrived. This Saturday, November 27, France 3 will broadcast the last episode of its series launched in 2013. A sudden stop that surprises viewers, many to be at the rendezvous, but also and especially Francis Perrin, the interpreter of Antoine Mongeville. “I was very disappointed. It’s a funny way of doing things. I don’t like the contempt with which we treat the viewer either. would stop, I would be entrusted with a utility but I saw nothing coming “, he was indignant in the columns of Télé Star, while the stopping of the program was only at the stage of rumor.

Since then, the fate of the Mongeville series has been sealed and Francis Perrin’s anger seems to have subsided. During an interview with Télé-Loisirs, he was much less virulent against France Télévisions.

Contrary to what some might think, Francis Perrin would return with pleasure to one of the France Télévisions channels. But it still has to be offered to him! “We’ll see,” the 74-year-old actor simply comments. Regarding his virulent remarks made against the television group, the father of Louis, Jeanne, Clarisse, Fabiola, Baptiste and Cécile does not regret a word. Even if he wishes to emphasize that he has no resentment against his former employer.

“It wasn’t anger but disappointment. I always say what I have to say, I’m not a courtier, I don’t belong to any clan, no chapel, but I don’t blame France. Televisions because blaming someone does not mean anything “, he explained to Télé-Loisirs. All’s well That ends well !

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