Amandine Henry does not take gloves to talk about the methods of the coach Corinne Deacon

The captain of the French football team Amandine Henry said Sunday on Canal that there were “a lot of problems” at the Blue, particularly targeting the “management” of the coach Corinne Deacon during the World-2019 , described as “total chaos”.

During the competition organized in France, “sportingly, I did not experience 100% fulfillment. Humanly, I saw girls cry in their room. It was total chaos, “said the captain of the Bleues, not selected for the last two qualifying matches for Euro-2022,” sporting criteria “being invoked by Deacon.

ud83d udde8 ufe0f Amandine Henry: “Humanly, I saw girls cry in their room, me personally I happened to cry in my room, because I wanted to live this World Cup but that was total chaos “pic. twitter. com / 0CCny4HCo4

Referring to the announcement of her non-selection, the Lyon midfielder said on Sunday that “the call (by Corinne Deacon, Editor’s note) lasted fourteen, fifteen seconds, I will remember that all my life”. “At the time I was shocked (…) This discussion hurt me, I was really touched, in addition sportingly I felt great”, she added..

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Several players had reacted to his non-selection, Amel Majri notably evoking “tensions” around the selection.

The exit of the captain of the Bleues comes in a context of persistent tensions between the coach and her squad.

This summer, goalkeeper Sarah Bouhaddi (34 years old, 149 caps) chose to voluntarily withdraw from the France team because of a “very negative climate” around Corinne Deacon. “Winning a title with this coach seems impossible to me,” she also judged at the end of October.

“When you see yourself on the list, there are two feelings: joy and fear,” Henry said four days after Corinne Deacon announced her selection for the last two qualifying matches at Euro-2022. Les Bleues currently share the lead of Group G with Austria, which they will challenge on November 27 in Guingamp, before hosting Kazakhstan in Vannes on December 1..

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