Karim Benzema is referred to the Versailles Criminal Court in the case of the sextape, the prosecution announced on Thursday. In this case of blackmail with the sextape of Mathieu Valbuena, which had broken out in 2015 and for a long time parasitized the life of the French football team, Karim Benzema had been indicted with five other people for attempted extortion of funds. The Real Madrid striker joked in the afternoon on Instagram, talking about “masquerade”. Same story with his agent, Karim Djaziri, who wonders about the date of the future trial. “Dismissed when?” In 2034? », Asks the latter.

Returned when? In 2034? Otherwise @Benzema is sent back to court when he asked the victim, who admitted him before the judge, not to pay but Cisse who asked him to pay is not fired !!! The masquerade continues . . . . #LesMasquesVontTomber https: // t. co / HzkjhC6Plq

The Real Madrid striker is suspected of instigating his ex-France teammate to pay blackmailers who threatened to unveil an intimate video featuring him. The French international was finally sent back to prison for “attempted blackmail”, alongside four men prosecuted for the same facts, one of whom is also suspected of “breach of trust”.

When he requested a trial for Karim Benzema and his alleged accomplices, in July, the Versailles prosecutor at the same time requested a dismissal for the player Djibril Cissé, then also indicted for complicity.

In October 2015, while the France team was preparing a friendly match against Armenia in Nice in October 2015, Karim Benzema had mentioned with Mathieu Valbuena the existence of an intimate video concerning the latter. According to the Real player, it was a simple friendly conversation aimed at warning his partner, when Valbuena instead speaks of an injunction to pay.

For several months now, an anonymous person had been trying to get in touch with him to blackmail him in exchange for this sextape. Valbuena had quickly identified those who tried to extort him: Mustapha Zouaoui and Axel Angot, two men gravitating in the middle of football in Marseille.

The two men were then wiretapped and investigators intercepted a conversation between these two men and Karim Zenati, childhood friend of Karim Benzema. The latter assured them that the star striker of the France team would intervene with Valbuena to discuss the existence of this video.

In November 2015, a few months before Euro-2016 organized in France, Benzema and his friend Karim Zenati were placed in police custody and then indicted. Since then, Karim Benzema has not been recalled to the French team (81 caps) and has continued to proclaim his innocence. Mathieu Valbuena (52 caps) has never been recalled in Blue either.

Last December, the Court of Cassation in fact rejected the appeal of the Real Madrid striker who challenged the loyalty of the investigation. This decision of the highest court of the French judicial order therefore opened the way to a criminal trial.. And indeed, the star striker of Real Madrid will go through the court box.

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News – FR – Blackmail with sextape: Benzema sent to justice

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