Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield reprized their roles as Peter Parker / Spider-Man for No Way Home. This is the biggest spoiler in Marvel’s MCU history, a secret that has been leaked again and again this year. We’ve seen a lot of believable leaks so far, but Sony and Marvel still try to deny it all. Their current strategy with marketing material is to focus solely on Tom Holland’s Peter Parker and the iconic Spider-Man villains he will face. But it turns out that the film’s marketing campaign may have made another mistake, giving us an official glimpse into what appears to be Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man.

We warn you that spoilers follow below, but you’ve already seen this major spoiler a hundred times.

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If you’ve been following No Way Home spoilers closely, you already know we’ve seen Tobey Maguire in a Spider-Man costume a few times. One of the leaked late summer footage showed Garfield and Maguire atop scaffolding in Spider-Man costumes. Sony ended up confirming the blurry image by filing copyright claims against it.

We then spotted what could be Maguire’s hand in the now infamous Garfield video leak. Finally, we had this massive leak that preceded the release of the trailer for No Way Home 2. All three actors wearing Spider-Man uniforms appeared in this one.

But these are not official confirmations from Sony or Marvel. The studios have yet to officially confirm that the two actors are in the film.

Additionally, Maguire has been missing recently. He had no new films to promote, so he avoided any No Way Home questions that would have arisen on the press tours. Garfield, on the other hand, was not so lucky. We’ve seen him try to deny his role as No Way Home more than once while promoting Netflix’s Tick Tick Boom. Needless to say, we never bought these denials.

We review officially licensed No Way Home merchandise through BarkBox. This is a monthly subscription for dog products, which recently launched a No Way Home themed box. Needless to say, this type of promotion requires companies to license the promotional materials on their packaging.

It’s the inside of the box that’s exciting, as it features an image of Spider-Man. The image has black and white sections alternating with color sections. It’s in one of the black and white sections that we have an unusual figure of Spider-Man. Or better, the head of a masked Spider-Man.

As The Direct points out, this image is from one of the Daily Bugle cover photos that showed Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man in Sam Raimi’s films. It’s exactly the same picture.

The simplest explanation for No Way Home’s startling revelation is that everything is wrong. We saw a big editing error in Trailer 2 which confirmed that Sony and Marvel had removed the great characters from the film’s final battle scenes.

But what if it was deliberate? This mesh of black and white images conveys the same message as the rest of the No Way Home marketing campaign. This is a multiverse movie, so we’ll have plenty of references to these alternate universes. This of course includes the Spider-Man universe of Maguire.

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