President Joe Biden will announce new Wuhan coronavirus vaccination mandates for countless private companies during White House remarks Thursday afternoon. He will justify the government’s extreme excess by implementing a new OSHA rule through an executive order.

“The extended rules require all employers with more than 100 workers to require them to be vaccinated or tested for the virus every week, affecting an estimated 80 million Americans. And the roughly 17 million health care workers who receive federal Medicare or Medicaid will also need to be fully immunized, ”reports the Associated Press. “Biden also signs an executive order requiring the vaccination of executive and contractor employees who do business with the federal government – without the ability to test. This covers several million additional workers. “

During the daily White House briefing Thursday, press secretary Jen Psaki was asked about the government’s ability to force private companies to implement requirements for workers to take the Wuhan coronavirus vaccine.

JOURNALIST: “Can the Ministry of Labor or anyone else force major employers, major employers, to force vaccines on their employees?” »PSAKI:« Yes. Stay tuned. »

There is no authority for this. This is legislative action that circumvents the legislative power. If you care about representative government – if you are consistent regardless of the president – then it doesn’t matter whether you like politics; this mandate is an abuse of power.

Biden will announce that the federal government is imposing shots on any business with more than 100 employees. They want to freeze non-conforming & to force them to cooperate. The biggest challenge to our freedoms for a long time. They could wake up a sleeping giant. Time will tell us.

This sweeping ordinance, which appears blatantly unconstitutional, will entrap an estimated 100 million Americans. What comes next is a guess. is the leading source for conservative news, commentary and political analysis.
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