Elizabeth Hurley has fought like a mother bear protecting her cub, according to a new report to ensure that her son gets his share of a huge family fortune.

Lisa Bonder-Kerkorian, whose daughter is bitter In an interview with the London Sunday Times, Hurley supported that hereditary dispute was also left in the lurch.

The women both had children with businessman Stephen Bing, whose father was Dr. Peter Bing has an estimated net worth of $ 2 billion – one he doesn’t want to share with the late Stephen’s two illegitimate children.

He said, ‘You’re not married so you don’t count,’ and so do I. said, ‘Wow, are we living in the Stone Age here?’ “Bonder-Kerkorian said of Peter Bing.

She and Hurley teamed up in 2019 and went to court with the billionaire to make sure their children, Hurleys Son Damian (19) and Bonder-Kerkorian’s daughter Kira (23) got their fair share.

“Elizabeth couldn’t have been more beautiful,” Bonder-Kerkorian told the Sunday Times of London about her time fighting side by side with Hurley.

The parents initially won. Stephen Bing had started developing relationships with his once estranged son and daughter only to commit suicide last summer.

But 90-year-old Peter Bing refused to give up the fight and eventually prevailed in his attempt to prevent Stephen’s children from receiving the funds, which one report said is valued at around $ 250 million apiece .

“When Stephen took his own life he died thinking his children would be cared for,” Hurley said in a statement. “What Stephen wanted has now been calloused. I know Stephen would have been devastated. “

Being excluded from the family budget was devastating for Kira Bonder, but it wasn’t about the money, her mother insists.

” No, for these kids it was really about knowing their father, knowing their grandfather and being taken into a family they thought left many years ago. “

” Letting your own parents say, ‘Me don’t want to get to know your kids, I don’t want to know your kids, your kids don’t count ‘… I believe that this dynamic contributed to Steve’s mental health problems, “said Bonder -Kerkorian said.

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