Some families who live in the jungle may be afraid of some rumbling at night, but for a household in Thailand the sight of an elephant rummaging through their kitchen wasn’t a total shock.

” It was boiling again, “wrote Kittichai Boodchan sarcastically in a caption to a Facebook video he shot over the weekend, in which an elephant was sniffing into his kitchen.

Presumably driven by the midnight nibbles, the giant animal is inside In the early morning hours of Sunday morning it goes into Kittichai’s kitchen and uses its trunk to find food.

At some point it picks up a plastic bag of liquid, looks at it briefly and then puts it in its mouth – before the video breaks off.

Kittichai and his wife live near a national park in western Thailand, by a lake where wild elephants often bathe while roaming the jungle.

He was untamed by the mammoth nprints and recognized it as a frequent visitor, as it often wanders into the houses of its village, where it eats, leaves and shoots back into the jungle.

The elephant actually destroyed its kitchen wall and an open-air kitchen concept in May that resembles a drive-through window.

Kittichai said a general rule of thumb when dealing with unwanted visitors is not to feed them.

Wild elephants are a common sight in and around Thailand’s national parks, and farmers sometimes report of incidents in which their fruit and corn crops were eaten by a hungry herd.

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