For individuals, businesses, communities and condominiums, the installation of an electric car charging station is an option that brings comfort and safety. and serene. Practical, the charging station allows the electric vehicle to be recharged at any time in order to avoid the constraint of waiting.

This comfortable and pleasant solution is also significantly more economical than public charging stations. Do you want to make your daily life easier by recharging your car more easily? Do not wait any longer to request quotes for an electric car charging station!

Faced with the explosive development of electric and hybrid vehicles, charging solutions are multiplying. Indeed, any owner of this type of car can benefit from several solutions to recharge his vehicle.

While free public charging stations still exist, they are increasingly rare. They are in fact mainly offered by certain brands who invite their customers to charge their electric car for free in their parking lot while they are in the store.

However, this solution is not the only one for recharging your electric car. There are many others, although not free. Public charging stations have indeed multiplied in recent years to respond to the proliferation of electric and hybrid cars.

The prices charged are variable and depend on the type of terminal available to motorists, the hours of use during the day, the chosen operator and the subscription is taken out. However, count on average from 0.30 euros per minute to 0.90 euros per minute depending on the solutions available.

In addition, you should know that the billing of public charging stations can be done by the minute or by the hour, but also by kWh or even at a flat rate. Take care to inform yourself well in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises!

Installing a charging station for electric vehicles at home or within your company is an increasingly widespread solution. It turns out to be much more comfortable for private motorists and professionals who have opted for this type of car. But again, the prices are variable.

Whether you are an individual, a business, a community or even a condominium, you can completely opt for a private electric vehicle charging station, reserved for your use staff and / or those of your customers, your neighborhood or the users of your services.

The installation of an electric car charging station remains the most economical and practical solution, through a power outlet. Classic electric vehicle or a wallbox dedicated to electric vehicles. Indeed, the comfort of recharging at home, at work or even in the condominium is absolute since it is no longer necessary to looking for a free and nearby cargo space or waiting for hours for the vehicle to be usable again. A private charging station allows you to charge your electric car at night or during working time without any constraint.

For an electric car that consumes between 12 kWh / 100 km and 20 kWh / 100 km, you will need to count between 1.5 euros / 100 km and 2.90 euros / 100 km on average. However, savings are always possible by programming your recharges during off-peak periods, or by opting for a solar installation combined with stationary storage batteries.

Are you planning to install an electric car charging station? You have come to the right place! To make the best choice, it is recommended that you have at least three quotes from competent professionals. Our quote comparator allows you to receive several offers that meet your needs in just a few moments. All you have to do is choose the solution that best meets your project and that offers the best quality / price ratio.

Our free, no-obligation service is personalized to meet your unique need. Individual, professional, community or condominium, complete our quick and clear questionnaire to help us better identify your profile and your needs. Immediately receive quotes from trusted professionals who respond to them and freely select the offer that appeals to you.

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