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General Guillermo Lorenzo Eleazar, Chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP ), on Thursday, September 9th, ordered the Internal Affairs Service (IAS) to investigate and dismiss a police officer arrested for gun ownership and illegal vehicle sales in Parañaque City.

Police Staff Sergeant Michael Salinas, assigned to the Manila Police District, was among the eight people who died on September 3rd were arrested for selling firearms and automobiles with forged documents to a poseur buyer from the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO).

“I assure the public that this officer will be fired as part of our internal cleanup. I have already directed the Internal Affairs Service to initiate dismissal proceedings against him, “said Eleazar.

NCRPO Director Maj. Gen. Vicente Danao, Jr., said Salinas could be the leader of the group.

As of July 2016, more than 5,000 police officers have been dismissed for various serious crimes, including involvement in illegal drugs and other criminal activities.

Eleazar had previously sworn to the PNP of Scalawag police officers as part of the To clean up the Intensified Cleanliness Policy (ICP) that he launched when he took over the chief police station.

Part of the ICP is reacting quickly to reports from police officers involved in illegal activities, an aggressive reform of the Recruiting system that eliminated the “Padrino” system and effective monitoring to ensure that the new recruits are not involved in illegal activities the.

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