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BACOLOD CITY – The leadership of the Philippine National Police (PNP) has ordered a thorough investigation into the murder of a police officer assigned to the city’s drug control department.

The chief of police, Guillermo Lorenzo T. Eleazar, ordered the local police to stop the killing of police officer Joseph Nepomoceno on Sunday 29 April August, to investigate.

Police major Ramel Sarona, head of Police Station 1, said that Nepomoceno of the urban The Bacolod City Police Department’s Drug Control Unit (BCPO).

Sarona said Nepomoceno was driving his motorcycle from her home when he was likely being followed by the perpetrators.

When the policeman in the said area Slowed down, the suspects overtook him and shot him at close range, said Sarona.

The victim suffered four gunshot wounds in the mouth, back and chest. He was taken to hospital but pronounced dead on arrival.

Sarona said the policeman was on duty when the shooting took place, adding that they found his service weapon on him.

Sarona said they are looking for a possible motive for the incident as he is hunting drug offenders.

Apart from that, the police are also investigating that it had something to do with his personal life.

Sarona said she did no evidence yet of the identity of the perpetrators, whose faces were covered with helmets.

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