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This still makes three points for Real who managed to ensure the essentials in this difficult match thanks to the double of Vinicius (22nd, 73rd) and the exclusion of Raul Guti (64th). Despite the reduction in the score stupidly conceded (Pere Milla, 86th), Real won without too much cold sweat and took the lead in La Liga.

The referee whistles the end of the game under very special circumstances! Casemiro is bleeding, and Mariano, fallen on an aerial shock on the other side of the field, is also bleeding.

Casemiro sacrifices himself. He sends a big tackle on Milla to prevent a cross but takes the foot full in the face. He’s bleeding.

Bigas can’t take anything back. Gumabu’s cross on the free kick is very good, Bigas jumps high, but he cannot recover properly. There is very little time left.

Militao makes the mistake on Bigas. This gives Elche a good free kick on the left side as they failed to approach the area.

Mariano …. On a block, he fights well to keep the ball. He has the opportunity to serve Hazard absolutely alone but prefers to get back on his right foot and strike, aside. It was the occasion of a new station wagon.

The goal revives the suspense which was non-existent. At 11 against 10, Real retains control, however.

Pere Milla reduces the score! Casemiro and Kroos chain two huge errors that allow Milla to present a duel against Courtois and score with left foot. 2-1 for Real!

Only a handful of minutes to play for Hazard, whose future is darkening at Real, especially in view of Vinicius’ performance.

Real are running quietly. Mendy still tries to accelerate on the left side, but it is too long for Vinicius.

Alaba! The Austrian defender tries the impossible on a one-two with Mariano. His aerial technical gesture, in the middle of the surface, is completely missed. He had fun on this one.

Elche took a blow to the head. It’s hard to see the locals coming back in this game.

Mass seems to be said with this second goal. Real talent made the difference.

Vinicius doubles the stake! Wonderful finish from the Brazilian! Subtly launched into the box by Modric, he made use of his ball speed to resist Bigas before taking a dive at the last moment in front of Casilla. 2-0 for Real!

And Javier Pastore is replaced by Gumbau. The former Parisian made his talent speak for a few actions, but he lacked rhythm.

Real are patiently spinning. Asensio fights on the right side and finds Carvajal. The center of the full-back is well cut by Mariano Diaz, but his head is captured by Casilla.

Raul Guti is excluded! Just after his strike, he commits too much on his tackle on Toni Kroos, while he already has a yellow card. He logically receives the second. Avoidable Midfielder Mistake.

Real must be careful not to fall asleep. The middle merengue stings the nose in this second half. On a cross from Mojica, Alaba barely saves in front of Pérez, and Marcelo manages not to score against his camp.

Boyé again! The striker makes a great game. With his back to the goal, he resists Militao, manages to get on his left foot and strike. Miliato against, and Pastore’s corner is clear.

Palacios wins his duel on the right side in front of Vinicius and allows his team to revive on a long interesting cross of Militao.

Fidel! The Elche team is inspiring. Fidel and Boyé combine. The attacker managed to keep the ball against two defenders in front of the box. He finds Pastore on the right side. El Flaco crosses for Fidel at the far post but his volley is off target.

Asensio! He cannot adjust his recovery. Real start the second period on hats. On a block, Modric’s cross for Vazquez is perfect. The Madrilenian crosses for Asensio who cannot recover. The ball stays in the box, but Kroos’ strike is eventually blocked.

Marcelo’s strike is countered! On the corner, Mojica remains on the ground, he took Boyé’s shoulder in the head.

Corner for Real on a cross from Lucas Vazquez. It is struck by Asensio and cleared by Bigas.

If this result is confirmed, Real would take the lead in La Liga thanks to a better goal difference than Sociedad.

It’s half time! Madrid are ahead 1-0 thanks to Vinicius’ goal, but leave a funny impression. The Madrileños have had many chances, however they are happy not to have conceded a goal. Elche plays good football, all that’s missing is the last gesture.

Elche’s Counterattack! Pastore once again launches Boyé, with enormous activity in this first half. The striker tumbles right side and center back for Lucas Pérez who lacks his control.

Corner for Elche. It is difficult for Vazquez to hold on the left side and the crosses are multiplying from his part of the field.

Real turn in the opposing camp, we feel that Ancelotti’s men are waiting for the break.

Ooh Modric! On a cross, his control is not good enough to follow up. Real have the opportunities to make the break.

What a gesture from Pastore! But Lucas Pérez cannot take advantage of it … Boyé struggles on the right side to cross, it is countered, but El Flace is there when the ball is raised to put it back in Pérez’s race with a marvelous aerial heel. On his bad foot, Pérez fails to frame. What an opportunity for Elche!

It still passes left side for Elche. Pastore shifts Fidel whose center is cut in extremis by Alaba in front of Boyé. Guti tries a recovery on the fall of the ball, but it is off target.

Marcelo crosses from the left, Mariano stretches full length for a diving header but Mojica takes the ball out just in front of him. The locals are quite easy to find now.

Lucas Pérez’s chisel! It is far above. On a cross from Mojica, the attacker tried, without success.

Pastore and Boyé try a combination, but Alaba read it all. The Austrian is impressive at the start of the match.

Mariano misses a control. Kroos had launched it well against. Real have had a lot of space for a few minutes. Just before, it was Vinicius who had pushed the ball too far on a small bridge.

Mariano, next door! But what action! Modrid launches his striker from a sumptuous exterior. He resists Bigas, to present himself in a duel against Casilla. He eliminates it with a superb feint but cannot then straighten out his shot which fails in the side net.

Real made his talent speak on this opening scoring. For one of his first interesting balls, Mariano Diaz was able to be decisive.

Vinicius opens the scoring! What a goal for Real! Loss of ball from Mojica, Casemiro immediately launches Mariano Diaz who shifts Vinicius with a sumptuous heel. The Brazilian concludes with a cross strike from the left. 1-0 for Madrid!

Palacios fouled Vinicius. The game is a bit on a bad pace with many whistles.

What an action from Boyé! Thrown by Pastore, he uses the ball call from a teammate to fix Alaba, get into the box, go right side and hit hard at the near post. It was difficult to exit by Courtois, the trajectory was difficult.

Rodrygo is on the side of the pitch and has his left thigh massaged. Another injury for Real? He seems to want to resume.

Rodrygo’s strike! It is far above. Alaba expresses his dissatisfaction to him. He was waiting for the discount for the one-two.

Attention Real! Rodrygo loses the ball on a counter, and in three passes, the premises are outnumbered in front of the Madrid area. Fortunately for Ancelotti’s men, Fidel gets tangled up and loses the ball.

Ooh Marcelo’s good cross from the left! Rodrygo managed to control with his chest on the left side but could not resume, carried away by his momentum. The Brazilian full-back has achieved a remarkable control of the sole before his cross.

The public warms up on a Madrid fault, again on the right side. On the free kick, Lucas Pérez’s cross is a bit high. Real have had a harder time keeping the ball for a few minutes.

Raul Guti intentionally obstructs Toni Kroos as Madrid go against. He gets a yellow card.

Pastore gets to experience a free kick on a very slight fault from Militao on the right side. The ball is out.

Elche combines. Right side, Pastore is countered. On the sidelines, Real struggled to get the ball out, but Boyé made a mistake in his blind pass and sent the ball into touch.

Real continue to monopolize the ball. Superb reversal of Militao towards Marcelo. The Madrileños are now in the half of Elche. The locals seem to be content with defending but Real turns the block well. Vazquez ended up losing the ball.

Rodrygo’s strike! Casilla must already work on this floating strike from the right which is on the verge of surprising him. Real are good at the start of the match.

Announced on the left side, Pastore seems to be in support of Boyé. He starts his match with an away pass, but Real emerges.

The players make their entrance on the lawn of the Estado Martinez Valero under the chants of the stadium.

The absence of Benzema is a game-changer in this match. The Frenchman is the champion’s top scorer and best passer with 9 goals and 7 assists.

On the side of Real, the big absentee is Karim Benzema, who was not retained in the group. No injury has yet been communicated, but Shaktar Donetsk’s reception on Wednesday could explain a layoff. On the left side, Vinicius is again preferred to Eden Hazard. Lucas Vazquez is established in place of Carvajal

Real’s lineup: Courtois – Vazquez, Militao, Alaba, Marcelo – Casemiro – Kroos, Modric – Rodrygo, Mariano Diaz, Vinicius

A point on the compositions, starting with the premises. Fran Escriba lines up a 4-4-2. We find on the left side a well-known player of the French championship: Javier Pastore.

Elche’s compo: Casilla – Palacios, Roco, Bigas, Mojika – Fidel, Mascarell, Raul Guti, Pastore – Lucas Perez, Lucas Boyé

The Elche players are 15th with 10 points. They are two points from the red zone and remain in three games without a win: 2 losses and 1 draw.

Objective first place for Real! After Sociedad’s victory against Celta Vigo on Thursday (2-0), the Merengues are second, 3 points behind the leader, but with one game less and a much better goal difference (13 against 7). The victory, and Real are leaders.

Hello and welcome to to follow live the matchday 12 of La Liga between Elche and Real Madrid. The kick-off will be given at 2 p.m.

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