Very active since his departure from Matignon, Édouard Philippe clarified his political intentions this Sunday. Guest of the show Sept à Huit (TF 1), the former Prime Minister bluntly explained that, “for the presidential election of 2022”, he “will support (t) the President of the Republic”.

And to argue his choice: “I hope and think he will be a candidate. I will support him for three reasons: loyalty to the man and consistency (…) I saw how difficult this post of president is and I think that Emmanuel Macron is made of a metal which I do not see much of. trace in all who are candidates today. Finally, I think these reforms are going in the right direction. For these three reasons, my support will be complete ”, he concluded in a long answer.

Edouard Philippe’s clarification was eagerly awaited as the mayor of Le Havre continues to meet with political power. He also confirmed that he will soon be starting his own party.

The protégé of Alain Juppé could already be thinking of playing a role in the 2027 presidential election. Asked about this subject, he dismissed this hypothesis. “To talk about 2027 is out of place and absurd. If the president is re-elected, he will need a new majority and I want to participate in the constitution of this new political offer. I’m not asking for a place, ”he said, however.

He conceded that he “liked [t] being in charge, the one who makes the decisions.” “Will I ever have the opportunity to serve my country in national politics? May be. If so, I’ll be happy. When you want to serve your country, it is not useless to prepare for it “, he said all the same about his more distant future.

In the meantime, he continues his tour of promotion of his book, “Impressions et lines clair”, co-written with his friend Gilles Boyer. Dozens of trips and signing sessions that he would use to meet mayors, all over France.

At Sept à Huit, he also mentioned his departure from the head of government. “The resignation (…) was quite healthy. I wasn’t disappointed, maybe a relief. Maybe I would have liked to continue too “, he also conceded about his departure from Matignon. “The worst moment was the Millas rail disaster (Editor’s note, a bus had been hit by a train, killing six schoolchildren). It was awful, a terrible tragedy, “he breathed, still visibly moved by this accident and his meeting with the firefighters and families of victims.

In this interview recorded Tuesday, just before a coffee with Richard Ferrand, the president (LREM) of the National Assembly, he did not react to the indictment of his former Minister of Health, Agnès Buzyn, for “Endangering the life of others” and placed under the more favorable status of assisted witness for “voluntary abstention from fighting a disaster” regarding the management of the health crisis.

But he was nevertheless able to speak about the inquiries targeting several members of the government (current and former) concerning the management of the health crisis. “I am at the disposal of all those who demand an account”, he just declared about these investigations, during which his apartment was searched.

Last June, he received the Legion of Honor from Emmanuel Macron. A reunion very closely scrutinized like all the deeds and gestures of Édouard Philippe.