Party for the weekend in Spain to go caress the ass of toros as formerly President Chirac that of the cows at the Agricultural Show, the response of Jean-Paul Fournier to his now ex-municipal deputy in charge of Construction and energy renovation of buildings, Marc Taulelle, only waited for his return and an interview in town hall between “quat’z’yeux”. An interview and a backlash … which led to a decision as radical as could be the position taken by the one who had made himself the propagandist herald of the arrival of the polemicist Eric Zemmour. Renouncing … giving up participating in the reception in Nîmes of the one whose regulars of a continuous news channel in need of hearing have the daily opportunity to appreciate the qualities of tolerance, benevolence and humanism, the former pulmonologist has proved, however, that there is no shortage of air. Picked up and now deprived of his delegations by a Jean-Paul Fournier, elected Les Républicains, who has – and this is to his credit – always been very clear about his opposition to nationalist and xenophobic ideas of the extreme -Right and the National Rally, Marc Taulelle will suffer the same fate at the Agglo de Nîmes where President Proust has followed in the footsteps of the patriarch. But little mattered to him in the end! The acrobatic opportunist, a proven specialist in the splits, quickly fell back on his feet by accepting a very abstruse position of “referent” from Eric Zemmour in the Gard with the youthful enthusiasm of a cougar released at the Student Lounge . A Zemmour whom we still do not know, by the way, whether or not he will declare himself in the race for the Élysée by placing himself to the right of the far-Right and making his honey from the nationalist flowerbeds cultivated by Marine Le Pen. If however this is the case, he will have a fervent zealot – the voice of his master – to propagate his eminently benevolent and unifying ideas in the beautiful districts of Nîmes. Regarding possible meetings in working-class neighborhoods, however, we can only advise him too much to wear himself out pale. Wisdom is also knowing how far not to go too far when you have already crossed the red line.

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