After a month of interim, Christophe Delmotte was inducted definitively as the VAFC coach on Thursday evening on the eve of a perilous trip to Ajaccio. Seduced by his first steps at the head of the club, Eddy Zdziech believes that the former OL player is more than ever the man for the job to get his club back to the top of Ligue 2. Interview.

Christophe has been there for four and a half years, we know him well. We know his background, his past as a player. It was introduced to me by one of my shareholders in April 2017. I had chills when he arrived, it was Christophe Delmotte! We offered to come to us, we followed him and we supported him throughout his integration into the VAFC. He embodies the values ​​of our territory, of the club. His interim was greatly appreciated by the management team, the shareholders, me, the staff, the players, the whole club. I hope so and I also believe in all the Valencian supporters. He really is a good person.

He comes with a lot of desire, a real project. His daily work with the players is excellent, his pre-match talks very powerful on the notion of values, the values ​​of our club. When we initialed the contract, it was a very solemn moment, a very good time. I wish him success, because he deserves it. We are convinced that he will have a good trip with us. It has already been home for four and a half years. There will not be the time to adapt and discover that an outside coach can have. I’m really happy to have Christophe Delmotte with me, to work with him. He worked to get there, he graduated, now the joint venture is gone.

Ligue 2 is a very close championship, both in front and behind. A small series of interesting matches, a truce that goes well, it can go very quickly. We can move to eighth position quite quickly. Today, we cannot say that our initial objective (note: to finish in the top 5) is over when we are three matches from the end of the first leg. We have to finish this first part of the season well, with three important matches on the program. It’s not nothing to go and play in Ajaccio, to receive the PFC and to go to Sochaux, not to mention the reception of Strasbourg in the Coupe de France. The important thing is to approach these three matches well, we need to be able to approach the final sprint of the last ten matches not too far from the top 5. I don’t think it’s over for us, we have the ability to stay in touch. contact.

A new dynamic is in place, I am convinced that the players will respond present. We have a good squad, with quality players, which may not be in its rightful place. This is football, it is never easy. Go ask prestigious clubs which are at the same level as us or even behind us and which were announced well above at the start of the championship. Caen, Guingamp, Amiens, Nancy, Dijon or Nîmes are behind us. It’s not that easy. At this stage of the season, we can’t just put our goals aside and say to ourselves that we have to prepare for next season already. It’s way too early. When I look at the standings, the seventh is only five points, it’s nothing. We just missed the boat in a few matches. Christophe’s job is therefore to continue to play well but also to defend well. It’s up to us to approach this month of December well to stay in the race before the truce. We preferred to have 25 or 26 points but the second part of the season will be long. Until then, we’ll pass the DNCG on December 7th.

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