“And if there is only one left,” he sang already in the mid-1960s. Half a century later, the singer is still in the limelight. His new album with an evocative name, “Country Rock”, will be released on November 19. He tells the story of it and confides without filter.

“At the start of the Black Socks, audiences our age loved us and journalists hated us. We loved rock and roll and we went for it without asking any questions. It was vital. Expressing oneself was more important than anything and no matter what was going to happen… ”Almost 80 years of spring, Mr. Eddy is back with a new album with the eloquent title“ Country Rock ”.

A record with swing temptations that evokes his early years, his friend Johnny in the opening song “A Little Bit of Love”, the United States of his adolescence in “Qué viva Las Vegas”, and more simply, life which scrolls. He has been accompanying us for sixty years already, and although he has said his farewell to the stage, his appointment book is still very busy. He is also currently in the Gers with his accomplices Pierre Richard and Bernard Le Coq for the second episode of “Vieux Fourneaux”. »A release planned for next year.

“Sing for a show lasting a few days, why not, but touring 60-70 dates is over. Will I still have the strength to do the show for two hours several weeks in a row? No. I have no regrets, I had a blast even though it was a lot of pressure. The cinema is quieter, more relaxing. This was Eddy’s first passion, his father took him to dark rooms from an early age. However, it took him many years to become a real actor.

“At first I was paid to do Eddy Mitchell, the yé-yé idol, on the big screen. I was not the only one besides, Johnny, Sylvie it was the same… We are all in the credits of panouilles like “The Parisiennes”, “How to succeed in love”, “Look for the idol”… It’s Bertrand Tavernier with “Coup de torchon” in the early 1980s who offered me my first role, it was he who gave me the opportunity to express myself, to show that I could act. It was time… “

On this 39th studio album, the music is still signed by Pierre Papadiamandis, because Eddy is faithful in friendship. “He was already in my orchestra in 1964, when I returned from military service. Being with him comforts me, as does Michel Gaucher (ex-saxophonist of the Chaussettes Noires), also always present. But beyond friendship, they are great musicians ”. He evokes Chuck Berry in the song “C’est la vie, faire la belle”, “because if we had to give rock and roll another name it would be Chuck Berry. This guy was an eye opener for my whole generation. I presented it on stage when it first came, in 1963, and the last time I went to listen to it, it was with Johnny ”.

A Johnny she misses: “He was more than a friend, he was my brother. We were kids when he stole those 45s from me. I was pissed off at first, I even put a pie on him, but I immediately understood that this guy liked the same music as me. We never left each other. And yes, I wanted to write him a song. »More than a song, an ode to friendship.

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