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Stéphane Bern, journalist and host in charge of the Heritage in Danger mission, signs a vitriolic column in FigaroVox on Sunday May 30 against Barbara Pompili and “the real ecological calamity that constitutes the abusive and anarchic establishment of wind turbines on land or at sea”.
“It is high time to denounce this deception. Wind energy is in no way ecological and renewable.

It seriously pollutes nature and destroys the natural and built heritage of France, these remarkable sites of beauty and these architectural gems of which we are collectively custodians and which the wind turbines disfigure. “TV and radio host Stéphane Bern is angry. An anti-wind column, published Sunday evening, May 30 in the columns of Le Figaro, he hits hard at the start. For him, “wind turbines are a negation of ecology”.
He storms against the Minister for the Ecological Transition, Barbara Pompili, and creates a stir within the government three weeks before the regional elections and one year before the presidential election when he has been tasked by the Ministry of Culture with safeguarding the heritage French.

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