The sporty Stinger sedan from Kia will be upgraded this year. Details will be announced by the company in seven days during an official event.

It appears that a California dealer either did not receive this memo or has scheduled their web updates a week early because of clear pictures of the 2022 Stinger GT online emerged.

Citrus Motors of Ontario, California, has released a quartet of 2022 Stingers: one bracket each for GT1 and GT2 models. Exterior changes are relatively minor in the grand scheme of things, although the headlights and taillights appear to have changed slightly while the exhaust tips have grown into cannon-like proportions.

[Photo: Citrus Motors]

A greater variance can be seen inside: A new 10.25-inch infotainment screen replaces the old 8-inch tablet in the car. The brand’s new logo also appears on the car’s steering wheel and is the second time we’ve seen it in production after the Carnival minivan released in February. The powertrain is listed as a V6 / 8sp car – and the pictures show an engine bay with a slightly redesigned plastic cover – but we reserve the right to assess the issue details as dealer websites are not always the last word on accuracy.

One interesting detail is the build tags shown for these machines. You enter a production date of January 2021 together with the associated chassis number. Something else they list is the gross vehicle weight, which is the total safety weight of a vehicle when it is loaded with passengers and their equipment. It’s up 250 pounds, meaning Kia either found a way to give Stinger more load-bearing capacity. or the 2022 model has gained weight. We’ll find the axle weight readings stay the same as they were last year.

You can usually rely on dealers to try to outperform their competition by being the first – well whatever they think will be theirs really help sell more cars. In this case, searching the list of their inventory in search of a rounding off of the sales list seems to have spilled the beans on Kia’s updated Stinger a week earlier.

Also up Kia’s sleeve is the inclusion of the all-electric Hyundai Ioniq 5th Shady Teaser images show a crossover-like vehicle called the EV6 that is sharply adapted to the type of fastback hatch surface common in so-called coupe SUVs.

We’ll be the official unveiling of the Stinger – and on March 16 maybe the new EVs – cover completely.

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