In times like the pandemic, values, trust and transparency are important and “these characteristics determine the relationship between India and France,” said the minister.

India and France are major economic partners and French companies should explore investment opportunities in key areas such as health, climate and digital, Foreign Minister (EAM) S. Jaishankar said on Friday.

“France and India are blessed with complementary resources, capabilities and scope, and political will. Our partnership must help safeguard our interests, protect the common goods, and uphold international law and multilateralism. It must also offer the countries in the region better alternatives and enable them to make sovereign and sustainable decisions, “he said at a business event between India and France.

“To this end, our partnership in trade, investment, connectivity, health and sustainability will be just as important as our cooperation on defense and security,” he said.

In times like the pandemic, values, trust and transparency are important and “these qualities determine the relationship between India and France,” said the minister.

“We are also united by our common belief in strategic autonomy and a multipolar world supported by a reformed and effective multilateralism. That has produced decades of solidarity, most recently during the pandemic, and a relationship that is free from sudden shifts and surprises, “he said.

“Recent experience also calls for addressing the concentration risk in manufactured goods, resilient supply chains and adapting to the emerging geopolitical competition of trade and technology,” said Jaishankar.

The minister also called for closer trade ties between the two nations. “A closer economic partnership between India and France can support these common concerns and strategic goals. India is an exciting, fast-growing, stable, rules-based, market-driven democratic frontier for economic opportunity that is at the heart of the dynamic Indo-Pacific region, “he said.

“Everyone involved has contributed to the size and speed of this company. What makes this possible, however, is the radically changed nature of public-private partnerships, the collaboration between industry and academia, and the simplicity of doing business in India, ”he said.

French companies have a long history in India, spanning sectors such as luxury, agriculture, manufacturing, infrastructure, technology, defense and services.

“Three areas are of crucial importance for our common future – health, climate and digital. Each is a promising opportunity for our partnership, not only for our economies, but also to build our global competitiveness and leadership in emerging markets, “said the minister.

A summit between India and the EU-27, hosted by India and the Portuguese EU Presidency earlier this year and held in Porto, Portugal, “signaled our intention and the EU to take our partnership to a new level. As part of this vision, India has made bold trade and investment deals, “said the minister.

“For its part, France has led the EU in building a strategy for the Indo-Pacific region. We expect France to put this high on the European Commission’s agenda so that a new framework brings together more than 1.8 billion people and some of the largest economies, coupled with democracy and confidence in the pursuit of prosperity together and building a new one Okay, ”said the minister.

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