As a club with strong military foundations, the Ipswich Eagles have an added reason to appreciate the traditions of Anzac Day.

In the club’s 21st year, having previously been the RAAF Eagles, the final Aussie Rules games on Saturday at Limestone Park will have a special meaning.

“It’s about honoring the Anzacs directly and also our connection to the military,” said club president Clint Bateman.

Bateman said the Eagles had a dozen wives and 13 men currently serving in the defense forces.

More than 20 other supporters of the club are ex-military, along with many parents of junior footballers who have close ties to the army and air force.

As a founding member of the Ipswich Eagles Club, head coach Kym Mansell also respects the importance of Saturday’s games.

He said that a minute’s silence and special ceremonies would be held before each game to honor our service men and women.

“We have a lot of players throughout the club who are both defenders.”

With the club’s extended family also having strong military ties, Mansell said respect was an integral part of Saturday’s Footy program.

The Eagles wear a special jersey with the traditional blue and gold colors of the club with military camouflage emblems.

Both Ipswich men’s teams won their opening games of the QFA Division 2 North season by a large margin over Gympie.

Bye bye last Saturday, the Eagles men had a 7am workout and BBQ breakfast before they had the rest of the weekend off.

Bateman coaches the 32-man squad who took two formidable preseason wins ahead of last year’s big finalists Beenleigh and Souths Toowoomba.

“We have a very strong team on Saturday,” said Bateman and was excited to see what the Eagles women can achieve after the successful seasons in 2019 and 2020.

A series of ceremonies is scheduled before each game to honor our service men and women.


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