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In the midst of the reported feud within the ruling party, President Duterte has appealed to the Democratic Party of Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-Laban) to remain united, good governance and prioritize people’s well-being especially during the pandemic.

The President as chairman of the PDP-Laban party emphasized in his recorded message during the virtual national PDP-Laban meeting on Monday, May 31st, in Cebu, the importance of the party’s values ​​and principles over “personal interests”.

The party assembly passed a resolution to encourage the president to run for vice-president in next year’s elections.

“I call on all of my partners to stand together and to remain united not through personal interests, but through our principles and values, when we consider the future of our party and de s plan the rest of the nation, “said Duterte.

The president also urged PDP-Laban party members to remain true to the party’s mission to” prioritize the well-being of our people “.

He recognized that the party has revolutionized the country’s political landscape by pursuing real reform and good governance at both national and local levels.

“If we continue to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic, we can continue to work together, to pursue our initiatives that strengthen our progress in good governance, especially those that promote lasting peace and progress for our nation, “he said.

The PDP-Laban Party Conference organized by Deputy Chairman of Energy Minister Alfonso Cusi was enforced on Monday despite a boycott call by Senator Manny Pacquiao, party president, who claimed only the president and chairman were in control The palace later issued a statement confirming that President Cusi had directed the meeting to be convened and chaired.

The President has since responded to his taped message no comment was made on a possible offer by the Vice President. However, the palace previously said that this decision will depend on the “message of God”.

The President’s spokesman, Harry Roque, said the President will make the announcement in due course if he believes this will be the ” Will of God “will be.

The President will end his six-year term next year and will not be eligible for re-election under the Constitution. However, there is no ban on seeking another elected government post.

The president’s daughter, Davao, mayor of the city, Sara Duterte Carpio, recently conducted polls on potential presidential candidates, but the president stopped her from asking to apply for the top position. Duterte had previously said that the presidency is not a job for a woman because of its emotional differences with men.

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