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San Jose del Monte City Rep. Florida “Rida” Robes called on President Rodrigo Duterte on Sunday, September 5, to urgently certify a bill that would revitalize the government spending pre-screening system.

Robes, chair of the House Committee on People’s Participation, said that of her recently House Bill 7124 that was submitted will address controversies caused by the post-audit system for auditing public funds disbursements .

“If I may make a proposal and appeal to our President Rodrigo Roa Duterte to urgently certify House Law No. 7124, which seeks to institutionalize a system of pre-screening of public funds to prevent or minimize questions about the use of public funds, “said Robes.

Previously, the pre-exam was the system of exam testing carried out by the board of examiners.

Robes supported a pre-audit that requires that all transactions and contracts be reviewed before public funds are released to implement them.

She said this will ensure that government funds are allocated according to what they are for within the The legislator is confident that the pre-audit will improve the transparency of the financial transactions of various government agencies.

According to her, all expenditures and uses of public funds will be included in the pre-audit system In connection with infrastructure projects, the procurement of goods and consulting services, including the rental of goods and real estate, of branches, government agencies or government agencies, including state universities and colleges, state-owned and controlled companies, state financial institutions and local governments, an obligatory igatorial screening prior to releasing funds for such projects or contracts.

“If this law is passed, I sincerely believe that it will promote transparency and accountability in the disbursement of public funds and ensure that government agencies and local government agencies are able to implement the program within the allotted timeframe, “she said.

HB 7124 ensures that payouts are not delayed as the COA is mandated to issue a Certificate of. within 15 days of receiving all relevant documents Issue a pre-audit.

If the EC does not issue a certificate, it is obliged to refuse to issue it for valid and legal reasons within 15 days of receipt of all relevant documents about the intended disbursement of public funds.

The draft law provides for a pre-audit office at the COA for the implementation of the pre-audit system r the personnel requirements in order to ensure immediate compliance with the system requirements.

For reasons of transparency, the COA is instructed to submit an annual report on the status to the President of the Philippines and the Congress no later than June 30th of each year after its approval the implementation of the pre-examination system.

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