Lajovic directs the start of the rally perfectly with his forehand and comes to the net. But the Serbian fails to conclude on the fly and is surprised on the backhand lob of Pair which he sends back into the net.

Pair tries to get Lajovic to play again and again and the Serbian cracks in backhand defense.

While he had found a lot of length with his return, Paire then went to the backhand side fault.

Pair achieves the same winning forehand return as there are two runs and gets a break point.

Paire is very happy to see his off-center return stay in the field. He then goes on with a long backhand and a winning backhand volley.

Capable of striking a blow, Pair unleashes a winning forehand return. But the French lacks consistency in this match.

Another fault in the reverse of Paire who fails to initiate the exchange. The Frenchman is in trouble in this match.

From a winning foreign service, Lajovic won this first set in 32 minutes. The Serbian took advantage of a service game missed by Pair in the middle of the set to gain the advantage. This match lacks rhythm.

By playing a half end from the baseline on the return of Paire, Lajovic surprises the Frenchman who cannot straighten the ball on the backhand side.

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