Despite interesting content, Dunkirk is unable for the moment to turn the results in its favor. After a draw at the start against QRM, the Northerners remain on four straight losses. The goal will therefore be to stop this series on the road to Rodez this Saturday (7pm) for the 6th day of Ligue 2. Before this match, midfielder Nicolas Bruneel spoke at a press conference.

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“Frankly, there is not much missing. We are not necessarily in a lot of trouble, we even have the upper hand over some teams but we lack efficiency. We create big opportunities for ourselves but we do not materialize them. In Ligue 2, when you don’t score your chances, you pay for it, and that’s what’s happening to us right now (…). Changing details in both surfaces might be good for us but we have confidence in ourselves, we keep the same game plan and we know that the wheel will turn. “