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Party mate and close friend Dumaguete Councilor Joe Kenneth Arbas said Cordova was athletic and even if he had just recovered from COVID-19, he did connected to cycling activity.

Arbas said Cordova was on his way back to Dumaguete City after cycling more than 30 kilometers when he had chest pain and on the highway near St. Paul University collapsed.

He was resuscitated by doctors in the hospital for two hours, but he leaked around 10 a.m., initially due to cardiac arrest, Arbas said. “I never thought it would happen because he is healthy and athletic,” said Arbas.

He is in his first term as Vice Mayor of Dumaguete and had plans for his second term in the polls in May 2022 to run, said Arbas.

Arbas remembered Cordova as a good father to his children, a good leader because he was sincere, honest, engaged in public service and was very much loved by the people of Dumaguete.

“He is a great loss to Dumaguete,” said Arbas as he urged everyone to mourn the death of Cordova.

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