According to reports from the Dispatch, Sammy, who appeared on the 2013 reality show “Beauty and her princes 2”, admitted to being a “nanny.” Several kilos of cannabis resin were found at his home.

This is not the first time that a former reality TV contestant has gotten into trouble with the law, especially for drug trafficking. Thus, Julien Bert (“The island of truths 3”, “The Angels of reality TV 6 and 9”, “Moundir and the Apprentice Adventurers 3” or “The Marseillais Vs. Le Reste du monde 3”), accused of ‘having transported suitcases filled with drugs to the airport in Punta Cana in 2015, was sentenced in 2019 to two years in prison, including six months suspended, and a heavy fine.

This time around, it’s another contestant who appeared on the reality show “Beauty and Her Princes 2”, Sammy, who finds himself battling justice.

According to information from the Dispatch, the 31-year-old young man has been indicted since May 6 for having participated in organized drug trafficking in the Pradettes district in Toulouse. Investigators found several kilos of cannabis resin, precision scales, pouches filled with cannabis herb, nearly € 2,000 in cash and a counterfeit detector at his home, detail our colleagues. Sammy confessed to having served as a nanny.

To keep the drugs at his home, he would have been paid between 3,000 and 4,000 €. “He is not a drug trafficker and he has never had a criminal record,” his lawyer, Me Saihi Majouba, told La Dépêche du midi. While he acknowledges his involvement, Sammy says he took on the role for fear of reprisals. Still according to our colleagues, he was heard this week by the investigating judge. At this stage of the investigation, he has been placed under judicial supervision but remains free.