Two small earthquakes shook the Drôme during the night from Monday to Tuesday. The tremors were felt by the inhabitants of Dieulefit and the surrounding area, without, fortunately, causing any damage.

The earth shook last night in the Drôme in the Dieulefit / Montélimar sector: two tremors of a magnitude 2 and 2.3 recorded at 2:19 and 2:56.

“My bed moved, I felt the shaking inside me. It happened in a split second”

“I felt tremors, it woke me up completely” testifies this inhabitant of Poët-Laval, Sophie Pellegrin. “At first, I thought it was a storm. A few seconds later, I thought ‘it’s not possible because it’s not the same feeling’. My bed moved, I felt the shaking. in me. It happened in a fraction of a second. I have my cousin who lives 10 minutes away and she felt the two shakes. She thought a car had entered her house. Which put her off. Chip in my ear, it’s his mirror that shook and the noise, it cracked. This morning, by message, we talked a lot about that. It’s weird! We don’t know at all what is going on at the time and it is after we realize with the noise, the tremors, that it was an earthquake “she says again.

“We felt the house move and shake, testifies Fabienne Simian, the mayor of Eyzahut. Our house is on a rock, and since it is made of wood, it cracked. I then asked other people around , but everyone had slept well. “

According to the first elements collected by the seismologists, these tremors have nothing to do with the fault that caused the Teil earthquake in November 2019. “There, we are in a different area, explains Christophe Larroque,” geologist at the Géo Azur laboratory, based near Nice. _The fault which operated for these two earthquakes is not that of the Teil earthquake, the La Rouvière fault, which is well identified “. Another major difference: the intensity of these earthquakes, much lower than that of Teil and its magnitude of 5.3. The weak earthquakes last night are certainly due to surface seismic movements, with a focus located about 5 km deep.

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