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School sex scandal in Kinshasa. Last week, after the state exams ended, images of great immorality of schoolchildren and schoolgirls made a buzz on social media. Sanctions fell: five identified students were definitively excluded from a Catholic establishment.

The images shocked the public and not only in the DRC. High school students were filmed in full sexual intercourse wearing their blue-white uniform.

Étienne Musampa, a parent in his sixties, observes the effects of social networks: “The reality is that, with the profusion of pornographic films the environment in which we live, these children have a richer experience even than ours. The first reaction was a shock, but then I realized that no, you have to understand them given the environment in which we live. “

Étienne Musampa blames society: “It happens. We live in such a world and we have to accept it. It’s the product of our company. This is what we have produced in so many years, this is what we have given to our children. “

According to Albert Fabrice Puela, Minister of Human Rights, quoted by Digitalcongo.net, the five high school students were excluded from their school, but they were not banned from the education system, as announced on certain social networks.

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