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Félix Tshisekedi has been in Goma since Saturday. This Sunday, June 13, he spoke for the first time about the reasons for his trip to this city, which was affected by the lava flow following the volcanic eruption of May 22. The Congolese head of state has made announcements concerning humanitarian needs, but also security in the region.

In the region for ten days, the Congolese president was reassuring about the help to be given to the victims. Félix Tshisekedi has promised to do everything to speed up the establishment of temporary housing for more than 15,000 people whose homes have been destroyed. In front of journalists, he said that from this Monday, he will visit the sites that have been identified in this regard.

He confirmed the intention of his government to accelerate the process of degassing Lake Kivu, to avoid a more serious tragedy in the future, but also the reflections on the possibility of the extension of the city of Goma which is located about twenty kilometers from the dangerous volcano of Nyiragongo. “But nothing will be done in haste and no one will have their rights violated,” he said.

Regarding the state of siege in force in Ituri and North Kivu for a little over a month, he will assess the progress made and the weaknesses that remain because, he explains, “everything will not be done. like with a magic wand ”. He will thus travel to Ituri to take a look at the security situation. The Congolese head of state announces that he will also go to Beni. Violence in the region continues despite the state of siege.

Three days before Félix Tshisekedi’s arrival in Goma, at least 9 people were killed by suspected ADF fighters in the village of Mutuweyi-Mayamoto, on the border between the provinces of North Kivu and Ituri. In Ituri, the news is marked by attacks targeting the localities of Tchabi and Boga. In his report, Felix Tshisekedi regrets these attacks, but also retains the military achievements and promises to keep up the pressure.

“The state of siege is decided because at some point the force had to be heard. This force will be applied to the last entrenchments of these barbarians. “After assessing the situation, there will be some changes.” What is true is that in the ranks of the national armed forces there were some imperfections, I am already working there and intend to work there. “

The head of state also pledged to speed up the DDR process to deal with combatants leaving armed groups.

Still in North Kivu, he will travel to Kasindi, on the border with Uganda, in particular to meet his counterpart Yoweri Museveni. It will be a question of moving forward on the construction project of a road that will link Goma to Ugandan territory, in particular to fight against businesses linked to criminal activities.

Already mentioned in 2019, the road construction project linking Uganda to the DRC saw a boost in 2021 with the signing by the two countries of two agreements. Three main roads are concerned: Kasindi – Beni, 80 km long; Beni – Butembo, 54 km away and Bunagana – Rutshuru – Goma 89 km long.

For the Congolese president, this project must absolutely come true. “This, I believe, will also contribute to the search for peace and the eradication of armed groups, some of whom use violence to do business.”

Current president of the African Union, Félix Tshisekedi believes in concerted and sub-regional solutions, say the members of his cabinet, to permanently resolve the problems of insecurity in the east of his country. It is in this direction that he is pushing for the integration of his country into the community of East African States.

#RDC 13.06.2021 | #Goma During a press briefing, the Head of State, Félix-Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo assessed the progress of the state of siege in the province of North Kivu and announced a visit to the city of Béni as well as in the province of Ituri. pic.twitter.com/9UaO6feS9f

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