The 2019 Finals have left their mark on Golden State. During that lost streak against Toronto, the Warriors saw Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson suffer serious injuries (Achilles tendon rupture in Game 5 for the first, rupture of the cruciate ligament of the knee the following game for the second) and, at after the defeat, the group exploded.

Kevin Durant left the ship for Brooklyn, Klay Thompson joined the infirmary for several months (which will eventually become over two years…) and veterans like Shaun Livingtson and Andre Iguodala are also gone. Not to mention that, a few months later, for the 2019/2020 season, Stephen Curry broke his hand after only four games …

“I was no longer interested in basketball,” he admits to The Ringer. “For the first time in my life, I had to face a totally different and sudden situation. Three months before, we couldn’t tell ourselves that we were going to go from being the best team in history to the worst in the league. It was frustrating and confusing. “

All this in just a few months indeed. Between 2015 and 2019, the Warriors played all of the Finals and lost just 88 regular season games in five seasons. Then, in 2019/2020 alone, they gave up 50 out of 65 matches! The fall was as rapid as it was brutal.

“For four years we would come to theaters thinking we were going to win. And then we arrive but we have no chance of winning any match. Not only do we know we’re going to get kicked in the butt, the opposing team know that too and they don’t take you seriously. “

In the middle of this difficult season, Draymond Green was isolated, between the departures of some and the injuries of the “Splash Brothers”. He thus had to take on a role of a big brother for which he was not prepared.

“There was no transition. I felt like I was still the little brother who could get angry sometimes and Shaun or Andre would come and slap me on the head. But it no longer existed. It’s like the little brothers are looking to you now. We had no one to talk to to share this experience. “

Has this season in hell (shortened in March 2020), with 15 small victories and very poor statistics for him (8 points at 39% success in shooting and 6.2 rebounds on average) left traces on his career?

“I’m not going to say that she necessarily killed my pride, because deep down I knew there is only one person in the NBA who can tell me what he wants about basketball . And that’s LeBron James. He was the only one who could really tell me about success or basketball in this league. “

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