We can’t repeat it enough, but this live for the 35th anniversary of the Dragon Quest series (which took place this Thursday in Japan with a show in Japanese and English subtitles): what a glorious event! Games, games and more games! A lesson that Square Enix offers to the industry (and a little slap in the face for fans of The Legend of Zelda). Do you like old school RPGs? Boom! A remake of the third installment of the series with the engine of Octopath Traveler (opening the door to a dream world: that of the possibility of a return of Chrono Trigger with these graphics). Modern RPGs? Hop! We confirm that the twelfth part is being prepared! And that’s what we’ve told you before, but Square Enix has announced much more.

Of course, not all that has been announced is for every fan’s attention and such is the case with Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi, the first spin-off to be a puzzle game. The title will be free-to-play for tablets and mobiles and should be based on a principle similar to that of a Candy Crush, although this last point has not been illustrated. That said, you can check out this weird concept around the 31st minute of the presentation (below) and spot some of the characters and monsters in the form of erasers (yes, like the ones for erasing pencil strokes).

Dragon Quest X has also been given the opportunity to shine on several occasions. If the game is relatively unknown to us (since the Japanese have decided to keep it to themselves), this MMORPG obviously still works quite well since, by the fall, it will offer its players a new update and the move to the sixth version of the game. The latter should bring more quests, stories, characters and challenges. In short, enough to keep aficionados busy with fresh content.

We have said “several times”! That’s not all the publisher has in store for its MMORPG, a new version without the “online”. Dragon Quest X Offline will therefore be a standard RPG based on the MMO and scheduled for release next year on an unannounced medium (the graphics shown in 41:00 of the video are not super detailed so we leave you free to bet in comments). You will have noticed that the visuals also differ from the online version of the game, this time favoring a “chibi” aesthetic rather than the “animated” style. A bold gamble in which we should not be able to take part since none of these versions of DQX are planned with us.

Finally, before slapping us by unveiling the teaser for a new installment in the series, Square Enix gave us a final tackle by presenting a latest spin-off and new game: Dragon Quest Treasures. Here we find juvenile versions of Erik and Mia, two characters from the cast of DQ XI, in never-before-seen adventures. It is likely to be an action-RPG in which our protagonists team up with monsters to get their hands on treasures and thwart traps. This title, like many others, still keeps quite a few secrets since no support or date has been guaranteed at this time. On the other hand, we know that it will be released here and probably at the same time as in the Land of the Rising Sun.

There you go, a nice presentation, isn’t it? A little over 40 minutes of show for five games, the theme of Dragon Quest on repeat throughout and games galore! What did you think of it? Does one game catch your eye more than another? If so, the comment section is waiting for your opinion! Find the full presentation (in English with voices and subtitles) below.

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