Here we are: Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76 is now available as promised. As always, the spoilers fell a few days earlier, but we have done our best to protect you from them, as you can see on our Facebook and Twitter pages. This new chapter is as always free, legal, and accessible from the official platform of Shueisha: MangaPLUS. By the way, MangaPLUS should soon offer the French language, but we will talk about it soon.

On MangaPLUS, you can therefore follow the rest of the fight between Vegeta Ultra Ego (wagamama no gokui), and Granola, which still shows no flaws. By the end of DBS Chapter 75, Son Goku had finally recovered from his injuries, and the Chapter 76 Drafts already featured his comeback with great fanfare. Our two favorite Saiyans (whatever) will they finally find the loophole to defeat the Cerealien? In France, Glénat did not wish to offer simultaneous French translation, but as always, French translation will follow in the next 24 hours.

Click on the image for full DBS Chapter 76, titled “The Fate of the Saiyans.” Our full summary of this chapter 76 in French is also available, if you do not know English or Spanish.

CAUTION SPOILERS: This paragraph should only be read if you have read the chapter, as you may be exposed to spoilers. The most interesting part that this chapter has given us is certainly the arrival of the spaceship which lands next to Goku. Inside the ship are Oatmeel (Granola’s telescope), as well as the Namekien Monaito, whose deep connection to Granola was recently learned. As Goku tries his best to stop Granola, Monaito exits the ship, calling on Granola to calm down. We notice that Granola is never indifferent to Monaito, and it is there that we discover that their common history begins 40 years ago, thanks to a certain Bardock …

This will clearly be the event to watch in the next chapter 77 of DBS, knowing that Bardock, Goku’s father, had never actually resurfaced in the Dragon Ball manga since the Namek arc, when Freezer noticed that Goku looks like “That other Saiyan” who had rebelled. We obviously don’t forget his big role in the Dragon Ball Minus chapter (the chapter before Dragon Ball), as well as in the 2018 film Dragon Ball Super Broly.

This chapter 76 of Dragon Ball Super will be released in this month’s V-Jump. It will be accompanied by other Dragon Ball content available in the November 2021 V-Jump. The Japanese magazine will be released on September 21 in Japan. This time, the cover pays homage to Demon Slayer, and more specifically to the video game Demon Slayer – Kimetsu no Yaiba – The Hinokami Chronicles.

The action-adventure video game is developed by CyberConnect2 and published by Aniplex in Japan and Sega in the West. The game is slated for release on October 14, 2021 in Japan and October 15, 2021 worldwide on Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Playstation 4, and Playstation 5.

Dragon Ball Super is the first all-new Dragon Ball series in 18 years. This is the direct sequel to Dragon Ball Z. The story lies between the defeat of Majin Buu and the 28th World Martial Arts Championship. It thus covers the so-called “lost decade”, in other words the ten years of history never described in the original series. The manga is designed by Toyotarō under the supervision of Akira Toriyama. As of this writing, we are currently in Chapter 72 of Dragon Ball Super. This is the arc of the galactic prisoner.

The Glénat publishing house publishes the French edition of the manga Dragon Ball Super. We are currently at volume 14 of Dragon Ball Super in France, since July 7, 2021, and volume 15 will be released on November 3, 2021. You can order it now through our sponsored links to support us.

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