An armed man walks this Sunday morning in the streets of Lardin-Saint-Lazarre in the Dordogne. The prefect of the Dordogne asks the inhabitants to stay at home. The individual has already fired in the direction of the gendarmes who tried to stop him.

This Sunday morning, an armed man was spotted in the streets of the town of Lardin-Saint-Lazarre in the Dordogne. The prefect of the Dordogne, Frédéric Périssat, launches an appeal to the population on France Bleu Périgord: “the inhabitants must not leave their homes, they must not circulate in the town”.

Since the middle of the night, the gendarmes have been trying to stop the individual who is armed. According to the prefect, the man shot the gendarmes. The gendarmes intervened following a family dispute. A security perimeter has also been put in place. The prefect also asks motorists to avoid the area. Several roads are cut off to traffic.

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