During the night from Saturday to Sunday, the gendarmes are called to intervene in the town of Lardin-Saint-Lazare, in the Dordogne, for intra-family violence. The ex-partner of a woman came to her home and attacked her new companion, BFMTV learned from the gendarmerie.

The youngster then fled and was targeted by her ex-partner, a former soldier with a gun. The man, in his thirties, then strolled through the streets of the village and declared that he wanted to attack the gendarmes. pulled over, severely damaging two vehicles.

This Sunday morning, the suspect is still wanted. 150 soldiers, including 60 from the Dordogne gendarmerie group as well as members of the GIGN and a local negotiator, were deployed and two helicopters fly over the village in order to locate and ‘call out to the fugitive.

The Prefect of Dordogne calls on the inhabitants of Lardin-Saint-Lazare to stay at home as a security measure, the man probably still being armed.

According to our information, the wanted man is already known to the gendarmerie services for domestic violence. “He is armed, moves quickly. The maneuver should allow us to freeze the situation in order to be able to intervene and avoid any human tragedy”, comments Frà © dà © ric Pà © rissat. His former wife and the children were also taken to shelters.

Dordogne: a man on the run after shooting at the gendarmes, a village called to remain confined

Ref: https://www.bfmtv.com