Dora Tchakounte placed fourth in the -59 kg with a total of 213 kg (96 kg in the snatch, 117 kg in the clean and jerk), Tuesday afternoon at the Tokyo International Forum. She competed in field A, bringing together the nine best in the world. The gold went to Taiwanese Hsing-Chun Kuo (gold medalist of the last three Worlds) with a total of 236 kg (103 kg 133 kg), silver to Turkmen Polina Guryeva with 217 kg (96,121) and the Japanese Mikiko Andoh bronze with 214 kg (94 120).

In the snatch, Tchakounte (26) passed 96 kg on his second try, but failed at 98 kg on the third. Nevertheless, she was tied for second, only ahead of Taiwanese Hsing-Chun Kuo with 103 kg. On the clean and jerk, she passed 117 kg on her second attempt, failing 120 kg on the third.

The young Frenchwoman’s best result at the Worlds was a seventh place overall with 206 kg in 2019. At the European Championships last June, she won the bronze medal with a total of 210 kg.

Born in Yaounde (Cameroon), she arrived in France at the age of ten. Weightlifting being the second sport in Cameroon, she decided to go to the Blanc-Mesnil club. Training today at Insep, she is licensed at VGA Saint-Maur.

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