Footage was shot the moment a Queensland police officer prevented a colleague from testing an interstate officer after flashing his ID and admitting he had had “a few glasses of red”.

Retired Victorian Police Sergeant Kevin Perry was stopped outside the Surf Life Saving Club by Alexandra Headlands in 2016 after an illegal U-turn.

At a Queensland Civil and Administrative Court hearing late last year, two young officers overheard Mr Perry over the air but radio calling for help from another crew when he tried to convince them to let him go home .

The Tribunal was told that Mr. Perry showed the two young officers ID from the Victoria Police Department and said, “I am a sergeant from the Vic Police Department – is it okay if I go?”

Mr Perry, who had his wife and daughter in their rental car, then said, “Is there any way we can just park us and I’ll take a taxi home and we’ll be fine?”

One of the officers replied, “Sorry I can’t do this, but what I’m going to do, to be fair, I’ll give you 20 minutes.”

The young officer’s partner then called for help and said, “Can we get a second unit just to help us with this interception?”

Detective Senior Constable Naomi Shearer and Senior Constable Rohan Evans arrived soon after when the tribunal heard that the detective was preventing the young officers from doing a breath test.

Det Sen Const Shearer is currently the subject of a motion by the Crime and Corruption Commission to dismiss her.

She was initially charged with misconduct in public office, but later pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of a civil servant failing to perform a duty.

The courier mail reported in November that the CCC had taken disciplinary action against Det Sen Const Shearer in QCAT. She stated that she had acted corruptly by influencing another official not to breathe Mr. Perry.

The tribunal received interviews with the two young officers as well as body-worn footage – footage that has since been received by Seven News.

“He hasn’t blown yet,” the young officer says to her superior in the footage.

“He pulled his badge on me and said I was a sergeant in the Vic Police Department. Can you let me go?”

The footage shows the detective saying she didn’t notice that Mr. Perry wasn’t breath tested, adding, “It’s really up to you” and “I wouldn’t”.

“He won’t tell anyone. He won’t tell a goddamn soul,” she replies.

The tribunal heard that when one of the young officers called her boss for advice at the train station, he said to her, “We’re not doing a favor … make sure you test his breath.”

The young officer said she was “too intimidated” by the detective to conduct a breath test on Mr. Perry, whom they did not know was retired.

The tribunal heard Mr. Perry clap the young policewoman on the back after he was released and say, “Thank you for keeping interstate relations alive.”

Originally published as “Don’t Tell Anyone”: Moment Retired Police Officer Dismissed From Breath Test


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