Cinema “Don’t Look Up” defies the Christmas spirit by laughing at the end of the world

NETFLIX Earth is well and truly over in the fierce comedy “Don’t Look Up” Available On Netflix This Friday

“Long live the end, long live the end, long live the end of the world”: this is the Christmas carol that Dont’t look Up offers by
Adam McKay, available December 24 at
Netflix. The ritornello sums up this ferocious comedy well since our good old earth is going to take a big comet on the corner of the muzzle. And that humanity is about to bow out.

The director of Vice or The Big Short doesn’t go with the back of a spoon. There is no doubt that disaster is going to happen quickly, so it is not in this suspense that the film’s interest lies. His killing game therefore focuses on the reactions of humans who know they are doomed at short notice but refuse to believe it. The latter are embodied by the best of Hollywood: Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Jonah Hill,
Timothée Chalamet to name a few. All of them make tons of them for the viewing pleasure of the viewer.

Don’t Look Up (“Do not look up there” subtitled Cosmic Denial in French) is the slogan of the President of the United States camped by Meryl Streep who refuses to believe scientists and their predictions. “The times require us to laugh at everything, to be light and colorful, to continue to smile even if everything is falling apart around us,” Adam McKay told our colleagues at the magazine
Cinemateaser. If he doesn’t care about America he knows well, you don’t have to look too far to identify with this story with the universal message as well. We obviously think of films like 2012 by Roland Emmerich or Armageddon by Michael Bay sprayed with a good dose of vitriol.

Don’t Look Up is on a mission to be funny. And it works! The stupidity, the greed and the frank unconsciousness of the characters make sparks. Everyone takes it for their number in this farce: politicians, the media and the population are just as scratched for their chronic stupidity in the face of the tragedy announced. Adam McKay doesn’t aim for realism, but his cheerful charge hits the mark in the two must-see post-credits. So yes, we say “long live the Apocalypse!” When it is shown in such a funny and well-sketched way.

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