The 9th Masters of Don’t forget the lyrics – in their “Maestros” version – crowned their winner this Saturday, November 27, 2021 on France 2. Who is it?

End of the 2021 Masters of Do not forget the words on France 2. This Saturday, November 27, Nagui presented the famous silver trophy to the winner of this highly contested 2021 edition, which began on Tuesday, October 26. The very moving first match between Margaux and Estelle set the tone for these ninth Masters: the greatest candidates fully intended to hold their rank, against outsiders more motivated than ever, such as Micka, Maureen or even Valérie. For the vast majority of them, moreover, they managed to pass the first round.

This Saturday, November 27, viewers of the game were able, first of all, to savor the semi-finals, broadcast during the daily broadcast, then during the final bonus. During these meetings, Hervé (sixth tallest Maestro) faced Toni (n ° 23), while Kevin (n ° 3) faced Arsène (n ° 14). And it was finally Arsène and Toni who emerged victorious from these semi-finals. Hervé and Kevin – who had already won the Masters respectively in 2018 and 2109 – have for their part lost. Kevin’s reaction can be found here, Hervé’s is right there.

Arsène, who had already won the Masters 2020, thus found Toni, often left at the foot of the podium in previous editions. And the least we can say is that these two, in this final showdown, we had an absolutely perfect match! Indeed, both candidates scored all their points at every stage of the game. Everyone expected the game to end in a perfect tie. In which case, Arsène would have won over Toni, because he was better ranked in the Top 32 best Maestros. But lo and behold, Arsene got his brushes tangled up in the dying seconds of Mike Brant’s Who Will Know, allowing Toni to win his first Masters!

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