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The Philippine Red Cross claimed on Sunday the 12th September that funds donated by government agencies to the humanitarian organization were “faithfully” settled.

The PRC issued the statement after President Duterte threatened to suspend government transactions with the organization if they fail to keep their financial records opens for examination.

“As already stated by the Philippine Red Cross, the humanitarian organization receives some S donations from Philippine government agencies, “the PRC said in a statement sent to reporters.

” The Philippine Red Cross has faithfully explained the use of these funds in accordance with the liquidation and reporting obligations of donor organizations, “it added .

President’s spokesman Harry Roque previously alleged that the Commission on Audit (COA) had the authority to conduct a “special audit” in the PRC, led by Senator Richard Gordon.

According to Republic Act 10072 or the Philippine Red Cross Act of 2009, the PRC “at the end of each calendar year submits to the President of the Philippines an annual report on its activities showing its financial situation”.

Meanwhile, Justice Minister Menardo had I. Guevarra states that the COA may conduct a review of the subsidies or equity that the PRC receives from the government as provided by the Philippine Charity Sweeps takes Office (PCSO).

The Board of Governors of the PRC has previously issued a statement stating that the organization is not subject to review by the COA as it is not a government agency.

COA- For his part, Chairman Michael Aguinaldo had said that the state audit authority was not empowered to audit the PRC.

According to the People’s Republic of China, the donor authorities are again subject to an annual audit by the state audit authority.

“So far there have been no adverse results on a transaction in which government funds were transferred to the Philippine Red Cross, “it said.” Reports of these donations can be obtained from the President’s Office directly from these government agencies, and audits of these government agencies, if any can be ensured by the Audit Commission, ”she added.