An MRI on the right elbow of Dodger’s pitcher Dustin May revealed damage to his ulnar collateral ligament. The right-hander will have an operation from Tommy John on May 11th, ending his season.

The procedure, which usually involves replacing the damaged ligament with a ligament from another location in the pitcher’s body, has a recovery time of 12 to 18 months. Dr. Neal ElAttrache will perform the operation.

“Obviously he was a big part of our rotation and he got better every time he took the hill and that’s a significant loss for us,” said Dodger’s third baseman Justin Turner. “This is an important arm that we relied on and wanted to depend on. Just feel terrible for Dustin. It’s not something anyone wants to go through or experience. I wish them a speedy recovery. I hope he does can stay mentally strong, talk to some people who have been through it, and come out stronger. ”

May was 1-1 with an earned run average of 2.74 in five starts Batters beaten in 23 innings and was removed from his last start in Milwaukee on Sunday after learning what manager Dave Roberts referred to as the “shooting feel” in his right elbow.

The Dodgers put May on Sunday’s 10-day list of injured and bought left-hander Mike Kickham’s deal.

On Monday, Kickham was designated for action and the Dodgers called in right-handed Phil Bickford. Bickford had been picked for action by the Brewers last week.

The former Oaks Christian High School standout made his Major League debut with the Brewers last season. In two career appearances from the bullpen, Bickford has allowed six runs in two innings.

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Roberts told reporters on Sunday that the Dodgers can use a four-man take-off rotation for the time being if they so choose. You have one day off this Thursday and another on May 24th.

May marks the eighth dodger pitcher to be added to the injured list for the first month of the season. Only six went on the injured list during the regular season of 60 games in 2020. Of the six, only Alex Wood missed more than 30 games.

“Of course we don’t have to deal with injuries in a perfect world and we always have our boys available,” said Turner. “That’s just not the case in our game.

“Every spring there is a chat with the 60+ guys in this room, Andrew (Friedman, the Dodgers president for baseball operations), Doc (Roberts), that you will help us win ball games As you can see in a month, there was a lot of sales. ”

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