This Wednesday, February 24, TF1 is broadcasting the last two episodes of season 1 of Doc, his medical series inspired by the incredible story of Pierdante Piccoli, a doctor who has lost twelve years of memory after an accident. This first chapter of the fiction, successful mix of Dr House and Falco, will he allow the very seductive and endearing Doctor Fanti (played by the no less charming Lucas Argentero, a former reality TV candidate) to restore the truth as for the medical error that sealed his fate? Will the real culprits pay for their greed? Will he decide to give his relationship with Giulia a chance? The answers in this moving finale that will delight Doc fans. Which are quite numerous.

After having fascinated eight million Italians, then confined, Doc has indeed also seduced French fans of the genre. Every Wednesday, they were more than 4 million to follow the consultations of his doctors, whose interpreters all followed a preparation in a real hospital. Scores that have regularly placed the front page on the first step of the audience podium.

Given its success, it’s no wonder then that the series easily got a season 2, currently in writing. Pierdante Piccoli himself is participating in the script for this new round of episodes, which will also be shot partly in a real hospital and partly in studios a few kilometers from Rome. Lucas Argentero and most of the actors will re-thread (…)

Louis Duneton (La Faute à Rousseau, France 2):: “I left at the right time for Plus belle la vie before being a little frustrated” So great a sun (France 2): why Johanna’s kiss (Aurore Delplace ) and Julien (Jérémy Banster) is he not shown in the episode of this Wednesday, February 24? Esther Valding (La Faute à Rousseau, France 2): “I had a lot of apprehension before shooting a scene in particular “Here everything begins (TF1): when will Elodie (Sarah-Cheyenne Santoni) return to the Auguste Armand Institute? Laurent Ournac: the actor of Camping Paradis celebrates the two years of his son Léon with an adorable photo

On the occasion of journalist Carole Gaessler’s 53rd birthday, this Tuesday, February 23, discover the circumstances of the death of her first love, Laurent Lépinasse.

The Japanese and American fleets participate in computer simulations to better defend themselves against Chinese missiles. In May, the French navy will join them to conduct a very real military exercise in the South China Sea.

On leaving England for California a year ago, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry also distanced themselves from the royal family. However, it seems that Archie’s mom is still secretly in contact with a cousin of her husband.

Last month, a poor wild sheep was discovered in the Australian bush in the state of Victoria with excess wool attached to its body for 5 years. Fortunately, volunteers from an animal shelter (Edgar’s Mission) rescued him.

Franck Monsigny alias Martin Constand in Tomorrow belongs to us is a married man. Focus on his wife Magali Genoud.

The Men who roamed the Earth at that time may have believed at the end of time. That was 42,000 years ago. Our Earth’s magnetic field has reversed causing, researchers say, a series of dramatic events that have changed our history.

NARCOTRAFIC – Emma Coronel Aispuro is accused by the American courts of having participated in her husband’s drug trafficking ring

Olivier Véran also announced that the 5,000 m2 shopping centers will only operate in click and collect.

In an interview with W magazine, George Clooney spoke about his life as a father and husband. The actor also revealed the thing he will never do to his daughter, out of fear of Amal’s reaction.

To breathe and enjoy his family, Claude Dartois has decided to leave Paris for a few days, direction Dives-Sur-Mer. A stay which he shared with his many Instagram followers.

New controversy around Prince Ernst August of Hanover, husband of Caroline of Monaco. The 66-year-old Duke is in legal war with his eldest son.

Radio France rugby consultant Guy Accoceberry believes that “someone has made a mistake” for a cluster to form within the French rugby team.

This Wednesday, February 24, legend Alain Prost is celebrating his 66th birthday. If he has nothing more to prove on the circuits, the driver can also be proud of his three children, Nicolas, Sacha and Victoria.

The Regional Council of Galicia has approved a law allowing fines to be imposed on people refusing to be vaccinated against Covid-19. Sanctions can reach 600,000 euros.

Urgently operated on to the legs after a terrible road accident on Tuesday in the suburbs of Los Angeles, Tiger Woods is still hospitalized but his life is not in danger. 

Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, has been hospitalized for a week to treat an “infection”, said Tuesday Buckingham Palace, which had so far not specified the causes of this hospitalization

On the Touche plateau not at my post, this Tuesday, February 23, Benjamin Castaldi accused Sylvie Ortega of having supplied the drug that killed Ludovic Chancel, in 2017.

On the set of C to you, this Tuesday, February 23, Jordan Bardella tackled the activists of Europe Ecology-The Greens, ensuring that they want us to “abandon our freedoms”.

DIPLOMATIC CRISIS – Parliament intends to show its rejection of the sanctions taken on Monday by the EU against the regime of Nicolas Maduro