Djilali Bedrani, fifth in the 3000m steeplechase at the last World Championships in Doha, was eliminated in the 3000m steeplechase series. The Frenchman placed seventh in his series in 8’20”23. Louis Gilavert (12th in 8’36”35) was also released from the start. On the other hand, Alexis Phelut did well in a tactical race where he won third qualifying place in 8’19”36.

First French in the running, Bedrani was one of the few French contenders for a place of honor and was applying for a medal when he arrived in Tokyo. He was finally the first to be eliminated. “I did not acclimatize to the air of Japan,” said the Toulouse player in the mixed zone before his elimination was recorded. I am in the first seven, it’s still not bad with the state of form that I have now. I get pushed around a bit at one point. I couldn’t stand the jet lag. I had three-four sleepless nights and slept two-three hours a night. I haven’t done a single night since I arrived. It’s all my fault, I should have handled this. “

Alexis Phelut could however be satisfied with his performance. “I saw that it was not going very quickly, but I did not want to go in front to take everyone, explains the best Frenchman of the morning. Suddenly, I remained patient the whole race, four-fifths, well sheltered, trying to position myself well to be able to visualize the obstacles well and not waste energy on them. The last 800 meters, I tell myself we have to go, we have to hang in front. I put myself back in place. 400 meters from the line, I’m super close, I know I’ll be able to finish quickly. In the last 150 meters, I manage to find an opening with the rope. And there I do not ask myself a question, I go for it. I know that what was crucial was to pass the last barrier correctly so as not to waste time. And behind I end well. Third, the first part of my Games is successful and I am already focused on the rest. “

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