Dirk Nowitzki, legendary former Dallas Mavericks player (1998-2019): “It was an incredible journey. You imagine, 21 years old in the same franchise, the same city. It meant a lot to me, and I’ll never forget some of those memories we made along the way. Of course, the easiest to remember are always the first to emerge. This is of course the title (in 2011 with Dallas), the Olympic Games (with Germany) and all the major play-offs.

There are so many other things that came into play, all the people who helped you, all the hard work you did. Sometimes I think about it, I look back, with pride and satisfaction. Over the past two years, I have had time to read letters that I had received and to exchange views in town with people who came to approach me to say “thank you for what you have done”. (he stops, moved). It is special. “

Ref: https://www.lequipe.fr