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Didier Raoult retired. It is this Tuesday that the contested professor leaves his hospital duties. Aged 69, the microbiologist has reached the age of compulsory cessation of activity as a university professor in Marseille.

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Highly visible during the first wave of the Covid-19, the Marseille professor quickly became, through his positions, a divisive character, in particular vis-à-vis other doctors, as Jérôme Marty explains in Les Grandes Gueules.

“We are faced with a position which is the usual position of politicians. We lick, we let go, we lynch. However, Didier Raoult built an image, which is an image of fracture. You can’t be in between. Either you are for or you are against. And in the face of what he did, you have to be very factual, he made a lot of mistakes, ”he explains.

He also cites several examples. “He said ‘coronavirus, end of game at the very beginning of the case, we are at 114,000 dead’, ‘if there are 10,000 dead in France, it will be the end of the world’, ‘it is no need to make a vaccine, for a disease which is not immunizing ‘,’ who will want to be vaccinated against a disease which is not fatal ‘, we are at 50 million first-time vaccinated ”, lists the doctor.

🏥 End of the game for @raoult_didier: Unfair or good riddance? ⚡️ For @Drmartyufml: “During this crisis, he wanted to create a character that made us waste time!” #GGRMC

He also points to the studies published by Didier Raoult which, according to him, have not been verified. “There were publications in so-called predatory journals where you pay to be able to publish,” he indicates in particular.

“He had a great career, he made a lot of great discoveries, but during this crisis he created a disruptive character and I say it wasted our time. He said there is a cure when there is not. All international studies now show that there is no efficacy of hydroxychloroquine, ”says Jérôme Marty.

The infectious disease specialist has asked the public assistance of Marseille hospitals to be extended thanks to a combination of retirement employment. A request that was refused. Is Raoult paying for his controversial remarks this summer on the moderate effects on vaccination? This is not the official reason given. His age allowed him to remain at the head of the IHU, the institute he has directed for 10 years. But the new direction of the public assistance of the hospitals of Marseilles does not wish it.

Monday evening during the TPMP program, Didier Raoult spoke of a “putsch” and does not want to give in. He should be fixed on his fate on September 17th. The IHU board is due to meet on this day.