In just over 24 hours, Sony will be broadcasting its PlayStation Showcase and will unveil what will be “the future of the PS5”. Among the most anticipated games of the public during the evening is the sequel to God of War, announced almost a year ago by Santa Monica and of which we still do not know anything concrete. But while all eyes are on this new opus, it appears that the one released in 2018 has not yet finished revealing all its little secrets. Recently, Robert Morrison, one of the game’s animators, in fact cracked a tweet to reveal “a fun little development secret”: the size of Kratos’ ax, called Leviathan, is not the same depending on the situation.

Fun lil dev fact. Kratos ’ax is a different scale when it’s in his hand than when it’s on his back. ????

If you take a close look at this newly introduced weapon in this episode, it turns out it has “a different scale when it’s in its hand and when it’s in its back.” In a private conversation with the teams at GamesRadar, Morrison specifically indicated that she appears 20% larger when in the hands of the Greek god. He then explains that this is a widely used developer technique to “provide the best visual representation from any camera point of view or for the storyline.” A way to better “frame the photo” in a way, and thus to make the universe and its staging much more attractive to players.

However, the host was unable to say with certainty whether this technique was also applied to other elements of the game, such as the Blades of Chaos. He could only confirm that this is not the case with Mimir’s head, which Kratos takes with him for much of the adventure. So the next time you dive back into God of War, you can take a closer look at this detail and try to see it for yourself. This will be all the easier since earlier this year, Kratos and Atreus’s latest adventure hosted a free PS5 patch offering the ability to enjoy the game at 4K and 60 fps. Now you know what you have to do while you wait for the next album to arrive.