Player of the Grenier withdraws the sponso of his last video after a disagreement with the brand

Described as an “Islamist rapper” by MP Aurore Bergé during a broadcast on LCI, Medina this time lodged a complaint, giving an exclusive interview to Médiapart.

“This is one too many times,” comments Medina. Quoted in a political debate on LCI, the Le Havre rapper has decided to appeal to justice. Indeed, on February 18, the deputy Aurore Bergé presented Medina as an “Islamist rapper” who “said that secularists had to be killed”, also evoking a “call for murder”. Reacting at first to a tweet, the day after the show, the author of Grand Medina this time decided to go further in his efforts, as he confided during a exclusive interview with Médiapart.

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“I feel that the time for dialogue is over,” says Medina, regretting that the political sphere is not more interested in his work. “I have the opportunity, as a popular artist, to respond to this radical drift. I know the means to access the media, I know the legal path that will allow me to assert my rights. I am exposed, I am in the light and I must serve as an example, even a symbol to all who follow me. “

Filing a defamation complaint, the rapper demands a conviction and a public apology from the member. He also corrects the quotation evoked by Aurore Bergé on LCI, justifying that this sentence should not be taken out of the context of a piece that he describes as “a succession of absurdities, of oxymorons”. Motivated to go to the end of his procedures, Medina no longer wishes to let “pass the words of those who allow themselves to make me say things that I have not said or to lend me intentions which are not mine. “. And to conclude: “From now on, we will systematically go into the legal field”.

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