The France team arguably signed their best game of the year on Tuesday against Finland. After a worrying series of five games without any success, the Blues took the opportunity to return to victory (2-0) and sign their first clean sheet since their inaugural success at the Euro in Germany. Above all, the French attack shone, which had not happened to him since Karim Benzema’s comeback, except for the time of a few streaks like in the disastrous round of 16 against Switzerland.

In front of an audience fully committed to his cause, the Madrilenian delivered a high-ranking performance and his association with Antoine Griezmann, author of the two French goals, made sparks. It was therefore necessary to wait for the absence of Kylian Mbappé, on the flank due to a pain in the calf, to see Antoine Griezmann and Karim Benzema, decisive passer on the first goal and involved in the second, display the long-awaited technical relationship. since the announcement of the return of KB9.

Questioned at the end of the meeting, Didier Deschamps took care to cut short any hasty interpretations. “I’ll never go on that pitch,” he said after asking a question about a possible causal link between the absence of Kylian Mbappé and the performance of Antoine Griezmann and Karim Benzema. If I could, I’d better have Kylian. It would have brought us so much if it wasn’t for more quality. There is the complementarity of a duo, a trio. Kylian has his place in this trio. There are also some adjustments to be made, compared to the animation on the side. Kylian was not there. But I prefer him to be there, there is no picture. ” It has the merit of being clear.

According to the 1998 world champion, the reason for Antoine Griezmann’s recital has more to do with his refocusing behind the two forwards. “Obviously Antoine’s preferential position is axial, even though in the other two matches his relationship with Karim (Benzema) could be better,” he said. Today it was excellent because they are two footballers who speak the same football. I don’t want to take Anthony Martial away. I made a choice. We put in what was necessary too, to create a lot of chances. The three forwards were decisive. “