Can we claim to act for the planet and not save the last paper recycling site in France? This is the question asked this Wednesday morning by staff representatives from Chapelle-Darblay, but also unions and several environmental organizations like Attac.

[ACTION IN PROGRESS] More than 100 activists occupy the square of @Economie_gouv to challenge the government on the situation of the #ChapelleDarblay: La Chapelle Darblay is the only and last stationery to manufacture 100% recycled newsprint . # MoreJamaisCa

A demonstration was held in the morning in Paris Bercy, below the Ministry of the Economy. About twenty models representing the employees of Chapelle-Darblay were thrown into the Seine.

The last paper recycling site in France, located near Rouen, has been shut down since last year. It was offered for sale by its Finnish owner UPM. But no firm takeover offer has been made since. 230 employees work at the Chapelle-Derblay factory. In 2019, 95 million euros in turnover were generated by manufacturing newsprint from recycled pulp.