Wednesday September 8, 2021, Delphine Wespiser shared a magnificent shot where she poses alongside her companion, Roger Erhart. In love, the former Miss France made him a beautiful declaration of love.

For five years, Delphine Wespiser has lived a magnificent love story with Roger Erhart. In love, the pretty brunette never misses an opportunity to make a beautiful statement to the chosen one of her heart. On Instagram, it was sharing a romantic snapshot that she wanted to tell him how much she loved him. “I love you at dawn. I love you at dawn. Love by day and soon again at night … too,” she wrote. A statement that moved Internet users, who shared in the comments section: “The most beautiful!” ; “You are wonderful !” ; “The same sparkling eyes, the same mischievous smile, under a pastel-colored sky, as painted by Monet, love becomes watercolor”; but also: “You are both beautiful!”

Last April, it was in the columns of Pure People that Delphine Wespiser had revealed the underside of her meeting with Roger Ehart. She then confided: “It was in his nightclub. He had not seen me, I did not know who it was. Someone came to say to him: ‘Bug, there are always beautiful people at home. you. There is definitely Miss France. ‘ He was like, ‘Yes, come back tomorrow, there will be Miss World.’ But I was really there! ” After having laid eyes on the former Miss France, the businessman asked her to take a photo with him. “He posted it the next day on Facebook to advertise his company. So I said to myself, ‘But the guy is dead, he really got burned!’. Then little by little, we got it. Then he talked to me about sport and he suggested that I run together. And then we saw each other, we saw each other, and then there … “, she revealed.

While Delphine Wespiser and Roger Erhart are twenty-six years apart, that hasn’t stopped them from falling in love. “I got together with someone who is more than double my age, I already had to accept it. Then I make people around us accept it. I was 24 years old. Now I have it feels like people aren’t looking at us anymore It’s not easy being a different couple, but once you get past all that it’s so good. I’m so glad to have met him because it’s my soul mate. We’re really good and people can see it, “she said. Three years earlier, it was in the columns of Gala that she had already revealed: “Before knowing Roger, I had a friend who was dating an older man and I lectured him a bit (… ) But I understood while living it that in fact, we cannot explain everything. Especially not in love. There are no codes, no rules: we love each other and that’s it. “

With her red hair, her outspokenness and her tomboy character, Delphine Wespiser renews the image of Miss France. December 3 …

She’s pretty but he’s getting old and he’s paunchy what a waste! What is
Push all these girls to sleep with old people, even though
He has a big situation, it is true that it helps, she didn’t have a father or what ??

She may have been fooled with handsome guys her age, but she’s not the only super beautiful with an ugly guy, ugly guys there are a lot

Too cute this girl, she defends the animal cause and does not go out with trophies, I love her

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