Delphine Jubillar has still not been found but her disappearance is far from the first. Back to these women we have never seen again.

The mystery of Delphine Jubillar’s disappearance has still not been solved as it has now been more than seven months since the young nurse has gone missing. The drama began on December 16, 2020 in Cagnac-les-Mines, shortly after Delphine Jubillar made a final purchase with her lover. To this day, the body of the young woman has still not been found and her husband, Cédric Jubillar, is the main suspect. But Delpine is far from being the only woman to have disappeared without leaving a trace since many women have stopped showing signs of life overnight without explanation. This is particularly the case of Suzanne Viguier, the Delphine Jubillar of the year 2000.

It was on February 27, 2000 that Suzanne Viguier, a 38-year-old dance teacher, disappeared from her home in Toulouse. Like Delphine Jubillar, she had a lover – Olivier Durandet – with whom she spent the evening the day before her disappearance. Married, she was in a separate room with her husband Jacques Viguier who did not report her disappearance until March 1, 2000, three days after the incident. The latter was remanded in custody before being released nine months later, in February 2001. In 2010, he was eventually acquitted at the end of his trial after hours of deliberation. Suzanne Viguier’s body has never been found. Like her, the bodies of Agnes Le Roux, who disappeared at 29 in 1977, Cécile Vallin, who disappeared at 17 in 1997 and Marie-France Godard, who disappeared at 43 in 1999, have never resurfaced.

These tragedies do not all tell the same story but all have the same conclusion: a missing woman’s body as well as very complicated mourning for the families. Certain elements also come up in several disappearance cases, and in particular the involvement of the victim’s husband or companion at the time of his disappearance. In many cases, the latter is placed in police custody and then in pre-trial detention if the police have sufficient evidence. It remains to be seen what fate awaits Cédric Jubillar, indicted for aggravated murder of his wife, Delphine Jubillar, and from whom we recently learned that the conditions of detention in prison are absolutely appalling.

there is also a resident of my city in antibes who has been missing for 30 years …. Marie Hélène audoye …. do not forget her …. thank you

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